From The Director’s Desk


Director's Message

St. Stephen's Hospital serves under the motto ‘In Love Serve One Another’.

This spirit of service before self pervades every aspect of our hospitals functioning and leads to providing ethical, compassionate care for all our patients. One of the main areas for which our hospital is renowned is in the nursing care provided to all who choose to entrust their health to us. Nursing is a bedside vocation and requires dedication, knowledge, skill and above all, empathy for the patient. Good nursing education is required for students to acquire all of these qualities.

St. Stephen’s Hospital is proud of its College of Nursing which has, year after year, produced nurses who embody all the above characteristics. With the rich experience of over a hundred years of Nursing Education, our college endeavours to be among the best in the country. Our college Alumni are our Ambassadors who carry forward the motto of the hospital and make us proud by their achievements. Their contribution to the Health sector in a developing nation like ours has been appreciated by all who have been blessed by their care.

The Credit for excellent teaching provided by our College of Nursing goes to the Principal and Faculty of the College. The expertise of Prof. Dr. Feba Geevarghese, both as an administrator as well as a teacher, has been crucial in the growth of the College. The Vice-Principal and other Professors and Clinical instructors have constantly upgraded their skills resulting in the best current nursing practices being taught to their pupils.

Parents, by sending your wards to our College of nursing for training you are ensuring a successful future for them, not only as exceptional nurses but also as good human beings.